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About Dennis M Lox M.D. Los Angeles Stem Cells


Dennis M Lox M.D. is one of the earliest pioneers to do Stem Cell Therapy in the United States. Each patient is evaluated individually, providing personalized Stem Cell Treatment and Medicine to ensure your well-being.

Dennis M Lox M.D. has been helping patients since 1990 to increase their quality of life by reducing their pain. He emphasizes non-surgical treatments and appropriate use of medications, if needed.

Many patients are turning to stem cell therapy as a means of nonsurgical joint pain Dr. Lox Regenerative Medicine relief when their mobility and quality of life are severely affected by conditions like osteoarthritis, torn tendons, and injured ligaments. Dennis M Lox M.D. specializes in this progressive, innovative treatment that may be able to help you return to an active, fulfilling life.

If you are searching for effective, nonsurgical joint replacement alternatives, regenerative therapies like stem cell treatments and PRP therapy may be the ideal solution.


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