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A Mexican Soccer Player with Knee AVN Consults Dr. Lox for Knee Stem Cells

The treatment of avascular necrosis (AVN) sometimes referred to as osteonecrosis is often difficult and frustrating for patient and doctor alike. Knee and lower extremity AVN poses unique problems for athletes with running sports such as soccer. Dr. Dennis Lox has utilized stem cell injections to treat soccer players, and other athletes with osteonecrosis or AVN. The use of stem cells to treat AVN has been performed in many musculoskeletal type injuries including in sports injuries, and Dr. Dennis Lox a stem cell expert has treated numerous soccer players with knee AVN, and other types of lower extremity AVN, as well as upper extremity avascular necrosis. Dr. Lox has used stem cell injections to keep these soccer players on the field, and continuing the sport they love. Soccer is a very demanding sport. It places great stress and strain on the lower body. AVN or osteonecrosis is an extremely troubling medical condition for these athletes. AVN occurs when a segment of blood supply to a specific region of bone becomes disrupted, in this case the knee. This results in that region of bone to undergo cell death or necrosis. Knee AVN can occur in several areas of the two main bones of the knee joint, the femur and the tibia. The end or distal aspect of the femur or the top portion of the tibia may involved. Less commonly with trauma, both bones may be affected with AVN. When AVN occurs symptoms may include pain, swelling, difficulty with weight bearing (walking), and playing soccer is generally impossible. Early on, AVN  may be misdiagnosed, especially after trauma. This may occur after the knee fails to heal in an adequate timeframe or the pain and symptoms appears to be worsening, or out of proportion to the original injury. In this setting an acute awareness that avascular necrosis (AVN) may be possible. X-rays are often normal at the onset, and MRI's have become the most useful diagnostic test to discern regions of necrotic bone early on. The most important aspect of osteonecrosis or AVN, occurs when the necrotic region of bone collapses. This can result in a rapid secondary degenerative arthritis. This aggressive collapse followed by destructive arthritis, can quickly destroy the knee joint. Thus ultimately ending the soccer players career. At this point recommendations for total knee replacement are typical made. After knee replacement surgery, few elite running sport athletes return to their level of game, especially running and sports, such as football and soccer. The great 2 sport professional football and baseball player, Bo Jackson sustained trauma to his hip during a football game after a running play in which he was tackled. Bo Jackson was initially felt to have AVN, and  was later diagnosed with hip AVN. He was unable to avoid hip replacement surgery, and Jackson never played professional football again, yet played one more year of baseball. If Regenerative Medicine strategies such as Stem Cell Therapy are employed for the treatment of knee AVN early on before significant arthritis of the knee or joint collapse occurs, stem cells may be a viable and useful option. Dr. Lox has treated numerous soccer players with AVN and stem cells, returning them to play soccer. All athletic injuries must be considered a form of personalized individualized medicine. This is also the case with stem cells and athletes medicine. Dr. Lox is a expert in Sports and Regenerative Medicine, and the use of stem cell for athletic injuries. A keen understanding of each patients unique situation, needs, goals and desires are paramount to success.
Dr. Dennis lox may be reached at his Los Angeles (LA) metropolitan area office in Beverly Hills at (310) 975-7033


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