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Knee Avascular Necrosis and Stem Cells

Stem Cell Therapy has been used for knee avascular necrosis.
The use of stem cells for knee avascular necrosis requires some basic science to understand the potential for stem cells to be used in knee AVN.
Avascular necrosis is by definition a region of necrotic bone (dead bone), which results from the loss of blood supply to a region of bone. The extent of the loss of blood supply (avascularity) results in the pattern, or extent of necrosis in that bone.
In the knee this occurs primarily in the distal portion of the femur, or the top portion of the tibia. It may occur in both bones, or have patches of necrotic islands in the bone.
Avascular Necrosis may be caused by many possible factors. These include:
Idiopathic or spontaneous (no known cause)
Corticosteroid use
Excessive alcohol use
Autoimmune diseases (Lupus)
Sickle Cell Disease
Radiation Therapy
Gaucher's Disease
Caisson's Disease (Decompression sickness)
Avascular Necrosis may also be referred to as osteonecrosis, ischemic necrosis or aseptic necrosis.
The hip is the most common joint affected, followed by the shoulder and knee.
Avascular Necrosis may occur in both knees or present in multiple different joints such as the hip and knee.
Stem Cell Therapy is often seen as an alternative to knee or joint replacement surgery in avascular necrosis. Often patients are told that joint replacement surgery may be their only option. At times Stem Cell Therapy can even allow athletes to return to sports after being told they needed joint replacement surgery for AVN.
Dr. Dennis Lox has treated many patients with avascular necrosis (AVN) with Stem Cell Therapy. This includes athletes who have returned to their chosen sport.
Stem Cell Therapy may be a viable option for patients with knee AVN or AVN of other joints.


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