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Knee Pain in Los Angeles Treatment with Dr. Lox and Stem Cells

Dr. Dennis Lox considered an expert in the evaluation and treatment of knee pain and debility with Regenerative Medicine therapies such as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP and Stem Cell Therapy, treats patients in Los Angeles (LA), California at his Beverly Hills, California Sports and Regenerative Medicine Clinic. Dr. Lox a frequent lecturer on both the national and international level, treats a variety of musculoskeletal and orthopedic ailments in the LA area. The knee is a frequently injured body part both in sports and the work place. Knee pain and debility is second only to chronic low back in frequency and health care costs. Dr. Lox understands the nature of chronic knee pain, having lectured with some of the worlds foremost academic researchers at major universities.
Our understanding of the dynamics of knee pain and degenerative osteoarthritis or arthritis has vastly improved, yet the trickle down effect to the average health care provider is slow as our most developments. Knee arthritis and generalized osteoarthritis, were previously thought to be a wear and tear phenomenon of the aging process. We now know that is overly simplistic. The rapidly expanding field of Regenerative Medicine and advancements in stem cell treatments have shown just how very complicated knee and generalized degenerative osteoarthritis actually are. The interplay of a multitude of factors make up knee arthritis. The complexity and management to achieve the best possible outcome are best left to experienced specialists in this field. Experience teaches us how much we have to learn and study to properly deal with the complexity of human beings. Animal models may be instrumental in revealing the safety and efficacy of various regenerative models, including stem cells. However, animal models of sheep and goats do not take into account a diverse human Sports and Regenerative Medicine practice such as Dr. Lox's. Patients come in all shapes and sizes. Consume supersize fries with their bacon cheeseburgers, or engage in triathlons. Sheep are not subjected to these human endeavors in these studies. It takes a discerning eye to dissect research. 5 and 10 years ago research data was not what it is today. It has exploded into a vast sea of research delving into all areas of medicine. What we pondered 7 years ago in reference to knee pain, arthritis and stem cells is vastly different today. Much like the dot.com bubble investors are more cautious today as advances coupled with an inherently changing health care environment all impact delivery of Regenerative Medicine advancements. To the uninitiated, Medical has been under tremendous cuts in reimbursement. This will impact how health is delivered. As such, the experience Dr. Lox has in treating knee pain with Regenerative Medicine applications including Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and stem cells can be used to help better inform and educate patients.
Dr. Dennis Lox may be reached in the Los Angeles (LA), California area at his Beverly Hills office. Dr. Lox may be reached at (310) 975-7033


Sports and Regenerative Medicine Center
450 N Roxbury Dr., Suite 602
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Phone: (310) 975-7033

Sports and Regenerative Medicine Center
2030 Drew St.
Clearwater, FL 33765
Phone: (727) 462-5582


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