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Knee Surgery Avoided by LA Man with Knee Stem Cells

A Los Angeles (LA), California man injured his knee meniscus playing sports. He was scheduled for surgery, however he did some research on knee stem cell therapy and found Dr. Dennis a Sports and Regenerative Medicine expert in the use of stem cell treatments for knee pain. The LA athlete cancelled his knee surgery, and elected to consult Dr. Lox instead. Dr. Lox frequently treats knee pain from a variety of causes. Knee meniscal tears is just one potential reason for having knee pain, and just as in low back pain, studies have shown that abnormal MRI of spines and knees do not necessarily correlate with a patients symptoms. Meaning random patients with no knee or low back pain were evaluated with MRI scans and a significant portion of these MRI scans were read by a radiologist as being abnormal, herniated discs or meniscal tears. This essentially means don't operate on a picture, treat the patient. This requires careful history taking and a detailed examination. Goals, desires and wishes are crucial aspects to consider when recommending a treatment plan. Patients who see Dr. Lox frequently do not wish to have surgery. In this case an LA, California man canceled surgery on his knee meniscus in favor of pursuing Regenerative Medicine options such as stem cell therapy. Operating on a meniscus that is not the source of a patients knee pain will not help, and actually statistically will accelerate the development of progressive degenerative knee osteoarthritis. This means one will increase the chance that later in life they will be recommended for a total knee replacement surgery. Trying to assist your body to heal itself is a goal of Regenerative Medicine. Stem cell treatments and stem cell therapy are aspects of Regenerative Medicine that utilize these principles. Dr. Dennis Lox may be reached for consultation in the Los Angeles (LA), California metropolitan area at his Beverly Hills, California office (310) 975-7033.


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