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LA Ankle Pain Evaluated by Dr. Lox for Stem Cell Treatment

Ankle pain cab be a persistent dilemma. Stem cell treatments have been advocated as a method of treatment, and as a viable option to avoid surgical intervention. Dr. Dennis Lox an expert in Sports and Regenerative Medicine evaluated a patient for consultation at his Los Angeles (LA ), California area clinic in Beverly Hills. Dr. Lox sees a multitude is sports and non-sporting injuries in his Los Angeles (LA), California area clinic for a multitude of reasons. LA is the second largest metropolitan area in the country. LA and California's spectacular weather is conducive to many outdoor sports and lower extremity injuries are common place to various outdoor sports. When ankle pain persists, or has been present for sometime, or has previously been treated with prior surgical intervention, their is a higher probability of the development of ankle osteoarthritis (arthritis). This diagnosis, ankle osteoarthritis or generalized wear and tear degenerative arthritis leads to frequent recommendations for ankle fusion or ankle replacement surgery. This is two-fold. Ankle fusion is easier than ankle replacement , and ankle replacement has lower success yields than knee or hip replacement surgery. Stem cells and stem cell injections and stem cell treatments have been an ever increasing hot topic in this arena as the frank options presented to many patients are not very appealing. This leads to patients researching their own options and often they find Regenerative Medicine applications such as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and stem cell injections. Further reading often prompts a call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Dennis Lox. Dr. Lox believes in proper education to Aida patient in making an informed decision for themselves. Not all patients with ankle arhrtiits or degenerative OA, are suitable for Regenerative type therapies. We also want the best possible patient we can have, however this is often not the case in medicine. We are confronted with what we have an must make the most use, of  scientific and personalized art form to achieve the best possible,outcome. For example an 80 year suffering from ankle pain for 25 years, would be a more ideal treatment candidate for stem cell therapy or another Regenerative application such as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) 24 years ago. However we do not always have the luxury of treating the "ideal patient", we must treat the patient presented to us. Often these patients did not know until recently the availability of these Regenerative options. Now comes the personalized approach, Dr.Lox is a firm believer in individualized medicine. No two humans are alike,an a patient from Los Angeles (LA), California may not be the size shape of form of their eastern counterpart. They partake in different lifestyles, sports, and other eating habits. Trader Joes's is just making a splash in Florida. Humans are never as simple as their animal model counterpoints, and that is one reason many Regenerative therapies, including ankle stem cells are not direct counterparts of animal research studies. Humans are vastly more complicated and will remain so. For that reason it is the worth the extra effort to research and find Dr. Dennis Lox. He lectures both nationally and internationally on Regenerative Medicine topics including ankle stem cells arhrtiits, chronic pain and avascular necrosis (AVN). Osteonecrosis or AVN is a rare but often overlooked source of chronic ankle pain. AVN may halt an athletes career in their tracks, and therefore must be properly evaluated and treated.
Dr. Dennis Lox may be reached at his Los Angeles (LA), California area clinic in Beverly Hills at (310) 975-7033


Sports and Regenerative Medicine Center
450 N Roxbury Dr., Suite 602
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Phone: (310) 975-7033

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