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Los Angeles Hip Arthritis Patient has Stem Cells with Dennis M Lox M.D. in Beverly Hills

A Los Angeles (LA), California patient with hip degenerative arthritis, or osteoarthritis consulted Dr. Dennis Lox in Beverly Hills, California for hip arthritis. The patient had a history of sports injuries early in his career. Now two decades later he is suffering the effects of hip degenerative arthritis or osteoarthritis in his early 40's. Faced with the prospect of total hip replacement, or progressive disability and loss of functional he turned to Dr. Lox in LA, California Sports and Regenerative Medicine clinic.  Dr. Lox an expert in the field of Stem Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine, reviewed his hip x-Rays and concurred, trying to prevent a hip replacement in this patient was not only reasonable, but a very good idea. The patient still had enough joint space left to be a candidate for stem cell therapy. Deferring hip or knee joint replacement at a young age is a very desirable strategy for all of patients. Athletes and those wishing to remain functional, as well as those leary of potential knee and hip replacement complications are extremely interested in stem cell therapy. Once the hip, knee or any joint is replaced it cannot be undone. A bad outcome at a young age is extremely disconcerting. This may translate to o a life of debility and pain, as well as increasing the progressive nature of osteoarthritis in adjacent joints. Stem cells may offer the ability to alter this scenario. Stem cells, unlike prescription arthritis medications or cortisone injections do not deter the progression of degenerative arthritis. Neither does arthroscopic knee or hip surgery. These surgeries may actually accelerate the progressive nature of knee and hip arthritis.
Stem cell injections and Regenerative Medicine strategies such as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) may be useful to alter this progressive paradigm. This patient opted for hip stem cells with Dr. Dennis Lox at his LA, California Sports and Regenerative Medicine Clinic. Being proactive rather than letting Mother Nature progressively wear your hip or knee joint down is a personal decision. Dr. Lox is an expert in these matters. A consultation can always arranged even when patients are told they are bone on bone, this is not always the case. Adult stem cells have been shown in numerous clinical studies to be safe. If stem cell therapy works for even 5-10 years, theoretically it can be repeated. The other side is stem cells do not preclude having a knee or hip replacement surgery if unsuccessful, however hip and knee joint replacement cannot be undone and then decide to try stem cell treatments. For these reasons, consulting an expert such as Dr. Lox may be a valuable aid in becoming more informed about potential options.
Dennis M Lox M.D. may be reached at his Los Angeles (LA) and Beverly Hills, California office (310) 975-7033


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