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Dr. Dennis Lox Presents Stem Cell Findings


Dr. Dennis Lox Presents Stem Cell Findings at “Clinical Translation of Stem Cells” Conference in Palm Springs, California

Dr. Dennis Lox appeared among an elite group of academicians and translational medicine physicians (those that actually use stem cells on patients). Dr. Lox was one of only three orthopedic-oriented stem cell practitioners invited to speak. The lecture was well received, dr-dennis-loxenough so that the program organizers invited Dr. Lox to be a keynote speaker next year in Boston and again in Palm Springs. Dr. Lox presented basic stem cell, cartilage repair strategies, cytokine reprogramming, and select cases from multiple professional athletes to the end of the osteoarthritis spectrum, a case of a 95 year old gentlemen with severe hip arthritis.

Conference attendees were a mix of researchers, clinician-scientists, and surgeons. In addition to top-tier presentations, the conference included a hands-on clinical practicum by surgeons to illustrate the methodologies in adipose-derived stem cell manipulation.

Agenda Topics:

Adipose-derived Stem Cells

Clinical Utility Illustrated with Case Studies

Cosmetic Surgery and Associated Applications

Clinical Translational Applications with Pluripotent Stem Cells

Disease Classes Addressed and Ongoing Clinical Trials with Adult Stem Cells

Translational Research Activities with Adult Stem Cells

Dental Applications

Orthopaedic Applications

Umbilical Cord Blood-derived Stem Cells

Veterinary Applications of Stem Cells


Confirmed Speakers Included:

Mel Bircoll, California Academy of Cosmetic Surgery

Ingrid Caras, Senior Science Officer, CIRM

Dennis Clegg, Professor, University of California-Santa Barbara

Wade McKenna, President, North Central Texas Orthopeadic Surgery and Sports Medicine

Henry Klassen, Associate Professor, University of California-Irvine

Jiayu Liao, Associate Professor of Bioengineering, University of California-Riverside

Dennis Lox, Florida Spine and Sports Medicine Center

Joe Purita, Director, Institute Of Regenerative and Molecular Orthopedics

Allan Wu, CSO, Regenerative Surgery Institute

Mark Berman, California Stem Cell Treatment Center

Prudence Talbot, Director, University of California-Riverside Stem Cell Center

Fred Fox, Ethicist, BioMedical Research Institute-BioMed IRB

John Feller, Medical Director, Desert Medical Imaging

Elliott Lander, California Stem Cell Treatment Center

Kristin Comella, CSO, Bioheart, Inc.

Sicco Popma, Scientific Director R&D, Cell Therapy, Janssen R&D/Johnson & Johnson

Shigeki Sugii, Assistant Professor, Singapore Bioimaging Consortium (SBIC), A*STAR

Frank Mi, DrSignal BioTechnology Co., Ltd. Taiwan

Ken Pettine, The Orthopedic Stem Cell Institute

Michael Pazzani, Vice Chancellor for Research, University of California-Riverside

Gregorio Chazenbalk, Associate Professor, University of California-Los Angeles

Dr. Lox frequently presents at national and international stem cell conferences to stay at the forefront of stem cell medicine. Dr. Lox does admit that presenting in Europe has its advantages – including the ability to nurture international contacts and the chance to spend a few days of R&R. Dr. Lox’s last presentation in Izmir, Turkey which is on the coast, allowed the luxury of spending some time in the Aegean Greek Isles. It’s hard work, but Dr. Lox will gladly do it for his patients.

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